Surgery Center

Surgical Center

UroPartners Surgery Center is a state of the art facility with 3 operating rooms. This center has been designed to provide the highest quality care to our patients at a reasonable cost. At UroPartners Surgery Center, your surgeon is supported by a highly skilled experienced team of anesthesia providers, registered nurses, and other surgical personnel specifically trained in outpatient surgical and recovery care. 

UroPartners Surgery Center is designed exclusively for urologic outpatient surgical patients. We are able to provide you with a focused, convenient and comfortable surgical experience. A hospital must treat everyone with a multitude of medical problems. Whereas at UroPartners Surgery Center, our focus allows us to give you, our paitent, the most expert care utilizing the newest technology. 

We are excited to meet you when you visit us for your procedure!  

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We perform: CertAccedLogos300.jpg

  • Cystourethroscopy 
  • Stent placements and removals
  • Laser fulguration of lesions and tumors
  • Lithotripsy
  • Circumcision and revision circumcision
  • Vasectomy
  • Prostate biopsy (Fusion Biopsy)
  • Laser vaporization of the prostate
  • Brachytherapy
  • Insertion of penile prosthetic
  • Excision of hydroceles 

What to Expect

Our center’s warm surroundings and individualized attention by qualified healthcare professionals minimizes the stress often associated with surgery. You will be released within hours of your surgery to complete your recovery in the comfort of your home.

What to expect Before you arrive 

A member of our team will be calling you once your appointment has been scheduled from your physician’s office.  We will go through your insurance benefits as it pertains to your upcoming surgical procedure, as well as a list of instructions regarding your procedure. We will also verify who will be your ride to and from the center on the day of your procedure.


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What to expect After you arrive

You will be given an arrival time of approximately 30-60 minutes before your procedure to allow for admitting. A receptionist will process the needed admission and insurance information. You will need to sign a consent form acknowledging your permission for the surgeon to operate. You will be asked to change into a surgical gown prior to surgery. A medical staff member will take your temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. The anesthesiologist will talk with you about your anesthetic and an IV may be started in your arm. After surgery our medical staff will move you to our fully equipped recovery room where you will remain under observation until you are ready to go home. When you are ready for discharge, the medical staff will explain all postoperative instructions and prescriptions. Any questions you have after surgery should be directed to your surgeon. It is normal to feel drowsy after receiving an anesthetic, therefore it is recommended that you postpone the following activities for 24 hours after discharge:

  • Driving or operating equipment
  • Signing important papers
  • Making significant decisions
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages       

Pre Op Instructions

Careful attention to the following instructions will help ensure your comfort and reduce the possibility of complications:

  • Do not drink or eat anything (including water, chewing gum and hard candy) after midnight prior to your surgery.  Undigested food in the stomach can cause complications, and your surgery is likely to be cancelled if you do not follow this instruction.

  • A responsible adult must drive you home! For your safety and protection, you will not be allowed to leave the center without a responsible adult to accompany you.  Failure to make the necessary arrangements could result in cancelled surgery.

  • Bathe or shower the morning of the surgery to minimize the chance of infection.

  • If you develop a cold, sore throat, fever, etc. please notify your surgeon and call the Surgery Center before coming in.

  • Remove all make-up, nail polish, and jewelry.  We also suggest that you wear loose, comfortable clothing.  During your surgery you will wear a patient gown and slippers provided by the center.

  • If taking medication(s), herbals, or multivitamins please consult your physician as to what medications can be taken prior to the day of surgery. Please ask your physician if you can take blood thinning medications such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, or Toradol, to name a few.

  • If you suspect that you are pregnant please notify your surgeon and anesthesiologist.  Anesthesia and medications may be harmful to the developing fetus.


I recently had the pleasure of interacting with your phenomenal staff at the Des Plaines office when I had a procedure with Dr. John Milner.

Everyone, from Mike the receptionist, to all of the interior staff treated me with respect, kindness, professionalism, and a genuine caring attitude. I was overwhelmed by their kindness. Please thank them all for me. They deserve to be commended. 

This is how things were in the old was the norm. It's difficult these days to find in this era of "me first" attitudes. Your staff has it right! They make you look good and they are great representatives of UroPartners. People forget that whomever they are working for.... their own demeanor represents the company and all who are associated with it. UroPartners should be grateful to them and proud of them.

Unfortunately, I must have the procedure repeated, probably on April 6th, but the good part is that I get to see the staff again! They are wonderful!!

Most often letters are written to complain or express dissatisfaction. Not enough letters are written to compliment or express thanks when events exceed one’s expectations, this letter is one of these. I did fill out the post-surgery survey that was sent to me but I feel my experience at The UroPartners Surgery Center was so good it required me to put type to paper. My experience at your center greatly exceeded my expectations. The level of cleanliness and efficiency of check in were all good but it was the interaction with the people doing their everyday jobs that made my experience exemplary. From the moment I checked in I felt I was being looked after in a personal capacity. I did express from the get-go my fear and apprehension (of the unknown). Prior to this procedure my only other “medical procedure” would be having a filling in a tooth. At no point during my visit did any one belittle my fear or appropriation or make me feel I was worried over nothing. EVERYONE treated me with professionalism, understanding and kindness. Mike L who checked me in and Cynthia that helped me in pre-op took my concerns with understanding and did a good job in trying to reassure me. My anesthesiologist Runada was amazing with her kind conversation while transporting me and her helpfulness. In the operating room Yola and Runada both kept me busy and not letting me dwell on what was about to happen: with both kind words and professional efficiency I was ready and out (An experience I had never had and was very afraid of). My recovery with Elizabeth was very professional and I felt very well looked after I was given juice as my blood sugar was determined to be low and at no point did I feel pressured or rushed to recover. All my questions were answered and I was finally walked out to be sent on my way. 
If you are allowed to share this letter with everyone mentioned above I would like for them all to know I understand you were all just “doing your job” but your professionalism and knowledge are very obvious but the extra personal effort you all put forth on my behalf REALLY meant a lot to me. You are all super. If this is how you are at home the people you live with are all very fortunate because you can tell at the end of the day “You all care”. Thank you all so much!!! 
This letter would of course not be complete without mentioning Dr. Yonover I have complete and total respect for his knowledge and skill. As I looked at the results of his handiwork I have even more respect for him and realize how truly fortunate I am to be able to call him my doctor. I am not just saying this because no cancer was found!!
Ms. McCuee, I hope this letter leaves you with a smile on your face with the knowledge some of your patients feel compelled to emphasis to you that you have some amazingly skilled and caring people on your staff. I’m sure you know that but here is some third-party reinforcement of that opinion.