Uropartners Response to COVID-19 
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Telemedicine Visits

For the safety and convenience of our patients, Uropartners is now offering Telehealth visits in addition to in-office visits. Telehealth visits allow you to see your provider virtually via voice or video conference. Medicare and insurance carriers may cover these virtual visits. Call your provider's office to schedule a Telehealth visit today.

If you currently have a scheduled appointment please call your office and ask about switching your appointment to a Telehealth visit instead. Telehealth visits are very simple and the office will assist you through the process. 

How Telehealth visits work:

1.    Confirm that you have a smartphone or computer with voice and video capabilities. If you don't have a camera on your computer or smartphone you can still have a phone visit with your provider. 

2.    Call your provider's office to schedule a Telehealth appointment.

3.    Staff will work with you to confirm the method for your visit (video visit or telephone call). 

4.    At the time of your appointment, use the provided URL link to conference with your provider. Please have any relevant medical documentation available during your telehealth visit. 

How to connect with your provider for a Telehealth visit:

There are multiple methods to connect with your provider. Check with the staff at the time of scheduling your appointment to determine the best method to connect with your provider.

Most Uropartners' providers are using for virtual visits. Unless the office has provided other directions, follow the steps below to connect to your provider: