Dr. Justin Cohen Becomes a Rezum Center of Excellence


Congratulations to Dr. Justin Cohen from our Grayslake office for becoming a Rezum Center of Excellence! 


Rezum Water Vapor Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that uses the natural energy stored in water vapor, or steam, to remove excess prostate tissue that is pressing on the urethra. Rezum Therapy is typically performed right in your urologists’s office, or at an outpatient surgery facility and completed in one short appointment. During each 9-second treatment, sterile water vapor is released throughout the targeted prostate tissue. When the steam contacts the prostate tissue, all the stored energy is released into the tissue. Over time, your body’s natural healing response absorbs the treated tissue, shrinking the prostate. With the extra tissue removed, the urethra opens, reducing BPH symptoms. Rezum has helped many patients get off their BPH medications while providing long-lasting relief from BPH. Clinical data published in 2020 shows that 95.6% of Rezum patients did not need any further surgical intervention at 5 years while also preserving sexual function. 


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