What is UroLift

The UroLift treatment is a revolutionary, minimally invasive approach to treating an enlarged prostate, or BPH. The UroLift System lifts or holds the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so it no longer blocks the urethra. There is no cutting, heating or removal of prostate tissue.

Clinical data has shown that the UroLift treatment is safe and effective in relieving lower urinary tract symptoms due to BPH without compromising sexual function. The goal of the UroLift treatment is to relieve symptoms so you can get back to your life and resume your daily activities.

Benefits of the UroLift System

UroLift is a straightforward procedure that's minimally invasive and delivers durable results while preserving sexual function. Patients that have received the UroLife System report rapid symptom relief, as early as 2 weeks after the procedure. There are minimal downtimes and patients typically do not require a catheter or an overnight stay. With the UroLift System, men suffering from BPH symptoms can avoid drug therapy and traditional surgery.  

Why Choose UroLift

The UroLift System is an alternative for patients looking for something other than drug therapy or more invasive surgery. Treatment might be right for you if any of the following apply:

  • You want to regain your quality of life with minimal downtime
  • You have tried BPH medication but are unhappy with the side effects
  • You do not want to undergo major surgery due to potential surgical risks of side effects and complications
  • You want a BPH solution that preserves your sexual function
  • You do not want to take another pill everyday

How UroLift Works

Enlarged Prostate
An enlarged prostate can narrow or even block the urethra, causing bothersome urinary symptoms.

Step 1
The UroLift Delivery Device is placed through the obstructed urethra to access the enlarged prostate.

Step 2
Tiny UroLift Implants are permanently placed to lift and hold the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way and increase the opening of the urethra.

Step 3
The UroLift System treatment provides fast and reliable symptom relief by opening the obstructed urethra.