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Eric Kirshenbaum MD


Eric Kirshenbaum MD

Dr. Eric Kirshenbaum completed his medical education at the University of Illinois Chicago, residency in urology at Loyola University Medical Center, and fellowship in men's health and reconstructive urology at Loyola University Medical Center under the mentorship of Dr. Chris Gonzlalez and Dr. Kevin McVary. He specializes in men's health and reconstructive urology with an emphasis on urethral stricture disease, erectile dysfunction, male incontinence, prosthetic surgery, benign prostatic enlargement (BPH), laser surgery, urologic cancers, telemedicine, and robotic surgery. Throughout his training, he published extensively on the topics of men's health and reconstructive urology. In 2019 he was admitted as a member of The Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons and is an active member of the American Urologic Association (AUA). He serves as a board member of the AUA telemedicine task force and has a particular interest in advancing the field of telemedicine.

Dr. Kirshenbaum pursued a career in urology in order to improve the lives of his patients by offering solutions to their life-altering urologic problems. He has dedicated his career to restoring functions lost with aging, trauma, and cancer treatments. "My pursuit of medicine has always focused on impacting those around me in a positive way. I am passionate about helping others in their most vulnerable moments and coming up with patient-centered solutions"



  • Loyola University Global Mission Grant (2019)
  • Best Poster NCS 2016 (“Cystoscopy at the Time of Hysterectomy Improves Detection
    of Ureteral Injury: A Population Based Analysis”)
  • Magis Star (Loyola University Medical Center, 2014)
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society (University of Illinois College of Medicine, 2009-
  • High Honors (University of Michigan, 2005-2009)

Education and Training

Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois United States
Fellowship, Reconstructive Urology and Men's Health
Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois United States
Residency, Urology
Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois United States
Internship, General Surgery
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois United States
Doctor of Medicine
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan United States
Bachelor of Science, Biology

Illinois State Medical License
Wisconsin State Medical License

Telehealth Working Group Taskforce
American Urologic Association
National Kidney Foundation of Illinois
Reviewer for Journal of Urology
Reviewer for Gold Journal of Urology

Special Interests
Erectile Dysfunction
Genitourinary reconstructive surgery
Peyronie's Disease
Incontinence / leakage of urine
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
Minimally invasive prostate surgery
Robotic Surgery
Cancer of the prostate, bladder, kidneys, and testicles
Kidney stones
Sexual Dysfunction
Male infertility
Kidney and bladder infections
Urethral reconstruction

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