Get Help Between Doctor Visits!

Did you know that UroPartners offers a service to keep our patients in good health and at home?

  • Scheduled phone calls with a personal care coordinator.
  • Catch small problems before they become big ones.
  • Help with referrals, medications, tests, appointments, and more.

Take control of your health with our Chronic Care Management (CCM) program designed to support you in between office visits.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a proactive, validated, preventative care service developed by Medicare for patients with two or more chronic conditions. Our program, managed by Cosan – experts in the practice of care coordination - is designed to help keep you in good health and at home by allowing us to have closer oversight of your healthcare needs in between visits.

You will have your own, dedicated Care Coordinator with this service, who will:

  • create a care plan with goals and objectives to address your specific set of conditions
  • speak to you via phone on average 20 – 60 minutes per month
  • communicate with you and your healthcare team to follow through on your prescribed healthcare plans from your Doctors
  • help with referrals, medications, tests, and appointments, and other health-related things that you may need
  • arrange for transportation to and from Doctor’s appointments
  • help you manage your care and stay in contact with your Doctor with important information about your health

You do not need to leave your home or make additional appointments to receive this valuable service.

This program is covered by Medicare and could be covered-in-full if you have a secondary insurance. Full coverage depends on your secondary insurance carrier or Medicare Replacement Plan Coverage. Although Medicare developed this program, you do not need to be a Medicare beneficiary to take advantage of these valuable services. Most commercial and Medicare Advantage plans also cover this benefit.

CCM’s goal is to expand your access to care, improve communication between you and your Doctors, and improve your overall quality of life - all while reducing the cost associated with your overall patient care. . 

Visit our Chronic Care Management page for more information, and to see some of the ways our Clinical Team can assist after an initial visit with your healthcare provider. 

Chronic Care Management