Congratulations to Dr. Parthiv S. Mehta on Receiving The Barrigel Center of Excellence!

Dr. Parthiv S. Mehta Recognized as Center of Excellence for Barrigel, a device designed to provide unprecedented control required to better protect patients undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

Center of Excellence Recognizes a High Degree of Experience with Applying Barrigel 

Parthiv S. Mehta, MD has been designated as a Center of Excellence for Barrigel - Barrigel is a breakthrough in rectal spacing technology. It has an internal structure that offers both sculptability and lift, making it an ideal material for spacing. In additions to its customizable properties, its non-polymerizing formulation and ease of assembly enable a simplified, seamless experience. The Center of Excellence designation recognizes Parthiv S. Mehta, MD with an exceptional level of expertise in the Barrigel procedure and have demonstrated a commitment to ensuring the best possible care for prostate cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. 

PMehta COE.png