SOLTIVE™ SuperPulsed Thulium Fiber Laser System

UroPartners is the first surgery center in Illinois to own a SOLTIVE™ SuperPulsed Thulium Fiber Laser System.


The SoltiveTM SuperPulsed Laser System is a new laser technology that overcomes the fundamental challenges of Holmium YAG laser systems. The compact and versatile platform used for lithotripsy, soft tissue, stones, and BPH is powered by a long slim internal fiber with thulium ions in its core. This inner fiber is powered by a series of LED lights which significantly reduced the amount of power needed. This inner fiber then connects directly to a normal surgical fiber that would then be passed through a scope. The SoltiveTM SuperPulsed laser system, an eighth of the size of competing systems[1], combines lower energy levels and higher frequencies for exceptional performance and increased capabilities.[2]


  • Stone Dusting in Half the Time: The SuperPulsed laser reduces the timing needed to dust stones.[3]
  • Reduced Retropulsion: LED components to allow for lower pulse energies, giving urologists more control throughout the entire procedure and enabling efficient stone removal.
  • Widest Range of Settings Available[4]: The versatile design of the platform allows for fragmenting, dusting, fine dusting, and soft tissue.
  • Safety and Efficacy in Treatment of BPH: Offers state-of-the-art prostate enucleation and improved hemostasis.[5]
  • Increased Operational Efficiency in the OR: The compact system fits squarely on any wheeled OR cart and runs on a standard power outlet, eliminating the need for re-wiring the OR for more power.

The intended use of the SoltiveTM SuperPulsed Laser System is for incision, excision, resection, ablation, coagulation, hemostasis, and vaporization of soft tissue, with or without an endoscope in Urology, Lithotripsy, Gastroenterological Surgery, and Gynecological Surgery.


Advantages of Thulium Fiber Laser Technology: This breakthrough technology offers increased capabilities in the Urology landscape. Thulium Fiber Laser technology offers the widest range of settings available. Longer pulses and lower pulse energies contribute to less retropulsion, resulting in less time chasing down fragments and greater procedural efficiency.


  • Reduced Fiber Burn-Back: Treatment with Soltive requires less power in comparison to Holmium YAG lasers, contributing to a reduction of fiber burn-back. In turn, this can eliminate the need for multiple fibers or cutting and cleaving of fibers mid procedure.
  • Urology’s Smallest Fibers: Olympus’ 150µ and 200µ fibers are the world’s only true-to-size fibers to date. The 150µ fibercan delivers almost triple the power of the competitor’s 150µ fibers. This allows for greater flexibility, irrigation, and visibility for hard-to-reach stones.[6]
  • Transforming Ergonomic and Environmental Advantages into Cost Savings: Product features such as the advanced power source, which was designed with modern components, does not require water-based cooling, contributing to lower maintenance costs. In addition, the simplicity and compact nature of the SuperPulsed laser system reduces installation costs as Soltive does not require specialty wiring, allowing for more flexibility to move the platform to any OR suite.


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[2] As compared to Holmium YAG lasers. Exceptional performance based on 2x faster dusting vs. Lumenis P120. Data on file.

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