UroPartners has invested in their patients by adding a Persona CT scanner from FUJIFILM to their Cancer Treatment Center Gurnee. This new technology will increase patient comfort and enable physicians to see more to help make the most accurate target delineation to determine the best treatment plan.



A computed tomography (CT) scan uses computers and rotating x-rays to create cross-sectional images of the body. It allows doctors to see the size, location, and shape of the cancer. 


Cutting-edge Medical Imagery Backed by Over 85 Years of Imaging Solutions


The Persona CT scanner has an 128 slice image count and a 1 to 5 second breath hold requirement. Traditional CT scanners have an 8 or 16 image slice count and have 10-25 seconds breath hold requirements. This allows the Persona CT scanner to be more accurate and more comfortable than traditional CT technology. 


Persona CT Offers Enhanced Patient Comfort and Imaging Capabilities  


•  One of the largest and most comfortable tabletops in the CT scanner industry
•  Breath hold requirements of 1-5 seconds
•  128 slice image count
•  High resolution images
•  Clearer images of medical implants