Chronic Care Management

What is Chronic Care Management 

Uropartners is now providing patients more access to their healthcare and better coordination of their chronic conditions through a program called Chronic Care Management (CCM). 
The CCM program allows for us to offer additional resources to patients, including care coordination.  


How it Works 

Chronic Care Management helps patients by coordinating their care between their providers and other health services. Here are some of the ways our Clinical Team can assist after an initial visit with your healthcare provider:

Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Schedule monthly phone calls to discuss your condition and any new symptoms
  • Answer questions regarding your medications and facilitate refills as needed to manage your chronic conditions
  • Address questions or concerns about your conditions or treatment and relay this information to your provider between office visits

Care Plan

  • Provide you with a written Care Plan
  • Share this care plan with your family doctor or specialists as appropriate


  • Assist you with referrals and authorizations
  • Coordinate your appointments
  • Assist you with locating transportation as needed

Patient Education

  • Connect you with community and educational resources
  • Ensure you know how to manage your condition and when to call your healthcare provider

Emotional Well-Being

  • Discuss your emotional well-being and coordinate follow-up care based on your needs
  • Assist you in finding appropriate counseling/support groups as desired


  • Provide you access to UroPartners billing department resources

How the Patient Benefits from Chronic Care Management

As a patient, the Chronic Care Management program is designed for you. Continual communication with your care coordinator allows your Uropartners' provider to give the highest quality of care possible.  

Below are some ways the Chronic Care Management program benefits the patient.

  • Coordination of care with a member of our clinical team
  • Personalized, comprehensive plan of care for your chronic health issues
  • 20 minutes of non-face-to-face care management each month at your convenience
  • Discussion of your condition and any new symptoms or issues you may be experiencing and relay of this information to your Uropartners provider 
  • Provide the correct tools and resources in your area to improve quality of life
  • Assistance in referrals and medication refills as needed to manage your conditions
  • Coordinate your Urologic appointments as needed
  • Reduce hospital visits and ER admissions by providing preventative care services